Synergia Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico serves as the headquarters of Global Ecotechnics Corporation and also the site of the current work of Biospheric Design on Laboratory Biosphere, a closed ecological system, a research facility and wastewater gardens. The ranch also houses the offices of Synergetic Press.

The ecotechnic enterprises grew from work started here in the late 1960s to try and regenerate the overgrazed land. This community of ecologists, artists and entrepreneurs has grown into what is now Global Ecotechnics.

The ranch has occupied 130 acres of high desert, windswept clay soil since 1969, brought to life through ecotechnic ideas that regenerated this badly overgrazed and eroding land. With the addition of many tons of compost, damming up the gullies, and planting of over 1,000 windbreak, shade and fruit trees, the ranch’s traditional-style adobe buildings, courtyards, gardens, and geodesic dome today sit at the center of an oasis in the desert.

One acre of vegetable gardens and 400 fruit trees (apples, peaches and pears) provide organic produce to the Santa Fe community through its Farm to Restaurant program, Beneficial Farms and other local outlets.

The Ranch’s retreat center facilities attract multidisciplinary workshops from around the world.

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