Farm and Orchard Manager, Synergia Ranch

Starrlight Augustine is an expert in bio-energetic modeling and biological data analysis, and a student of the Dr. Elaine Ingham Soil Food Web school. She works as a senior researcher at Akvaplan-niva, Tromso, Norway, working on projects related to improving the scientific basis of environmental risk assessment. Starrlight also manages the 0.5 acre market gardens […]

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Geospatial Intelligence

Manno França is an expert in geospatial intelligence and strategy, as well as a researcher in forest fire management in tropical regions. He worked as an advisor to the government in Brazil, where he coordinated the Department of Geospatial Intelligence and was responsible for the modelling and establishment of biological corridors and many hundreds of […]

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Gessie Houghton

Secretary, UK, Special Projects, October Gallery, London

Gerard Houghton is a writer, art-critic and videographer based in London. Graduating from Churchill College, Cambridge, he spent two years in West Africa working as an interpreter. In 1980, he moved to Japan where he taught Literature and Linguistics at two of Japan’s more prestigious universities. On his return to London, in 1994, he became […]

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christine handte

Expedition Chief, Research Vessel Heraclitus

Christine Ruth Handte is a Director of the Institute of Ecotechnics (UK/USA) and a Director of Ecotechnics Maritime (UK). She was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Ecotechnics (I.E.) for her work with the Research Vessel Heraclitus and is a member of the Explorers Club. She joined the crew of the R/V Heraclitus in […]

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